Community of Practice

The ECSN Program is proud to facilitate both Statewide and Regional Community of Practice events for workers associated with NDIS service providers within the disability/mental health sector. This is an opportunity for workers in the sector to come together for networking and professional development. Each event will include guest speakers with expertise in an area related to caring for Participants with complex support needs, to share their perspectives on relevant case scenarios and answer questions.


Upcoming Training Modules

The ECSN Program is rolling out a series of online training modules based on evidence-based, best-practice research relevant to workers in the disability support sector to improve sector capacity, capability and confidence. All online training is FREE and LIVE via Zoom, before being uploaded to our resource hub after completion. See below for upcoming sessions.

Housing Options

In this module we will look at the housing options in Tasmania for NDIS Participants, including mainstream and disability supported housing.


You will learn:

  – insight into the current housing climate in Tasmania

  – eligibility and the referral pathway for mainstream /social housing

  – referral pathways for accessing disability supported housing

  – the different types of disability supported housing

  – and discuss solutions to complex case scenarios

Professional Boundaries Training

We are excited to announce that we have invited Amovita Consulting to facilitate FREE training in Professional Boundaries in a Statewide event in Campbell Town! In this training you will learn about the importance of professional boundaries and how to implement them, to ensure a healthy work-life balance.


If you are interested in attending but the event is sold out, please email us at and we will put you on a wait list.

Knowing Your Prison: How to best support an NDIS Participant in Prison

The Exceptionally Complex Support Needs Program is excited to be hosting a face-to-face workshop about the Tasmanian Prison Service! The day will include guest speakers talking about their role within the TPS and how it interacts with the NDIS.


Morning tea provided at 9.30am for a 10.00am event start. Lunch also provided. Event finish at 3.00pm.

Understanding the Justice System

This module will focus on the Tasmanian Justice system including the Courts, Prison Services, Community Corrections, Health Supports and Services, and how this interacts with an offender’s NDIS plan.


You will learn:

  • How to best support your client entering or exiting prison
  • More about the role of the Justice Liaison Officer
  • What happens to an NDIS plan when the Participant is in Prison?
  • What victim support services are available?



Supported Decision Making

This module will be providing an overview of Supported Decision Making. This will include exploring the theoretical concepts that underpin the Supported Decision Making approach and how it could be implemented into practice.

Role of Carers, Families and Friends

This module with provide insight into the different experiences of family and friends when caring for a loved one with an NDIS plan. We will look at:


  • Understanding carers lived experience
  • Working in partnership with carers
  • Support services for carers and their wellbeing
  • When carers become decision makers
  • Reporting suspected mistreatment
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